• Come help us care for the animals:

    • Walking dogs/socializing cats
    • Greeting our guests
    • Assisting our adoption counselors
    • Monitoring our animal rooms
    • Training and socializing dogs
    • Assisting kennel staff with cleaning cages/handling animals/grooming
    • Volunteer at the Cause for Paws thrift store
    • Help with spay/neuter clinics and shelter fundraisers 
    • How do I become a volunteer?

      We love and appreciate our volunteers so much and could not care for the animals without their help.  Fill out our volunteer application form and email it to us at ozarkhumanesociety18@gmail.com, come by the Cause for Paws Thrift Store or shelter to fill out a  form. A volunteer will contact you to discuss opportunities. 

    • What volunteer opportunities are available with the Ozark Humane Society?
      • Walking dogs
      • Socializing dogs and cats
      • Compassionate companionship, petting and loving our senior dogs 
      • Assisting kennel staff with bathing and grooming
      • Assist at our low cost Spay/Neuter Clinics
      • Assist at our various fundraisers throughout the year
      • Volunteer at the Paws for Cause Thrift Store


    • How much of a commitment will I be required to make?

      We are flexible and appreciate any time you are wiling to spend helping from a few hours a month to a few hours a week. If you have the time, we have something for you to do!

    • How old do I have to be to volunteer?

      You need to be 18 years of age to volunteer. 

      Younger than 18 are welcome to volunteer with their parents providing proper supervision. No more than 2 children per supervising adult. 

    • Can I come in just to play with the puppies and kittens?

      YES!! This is called socialization and is extremely important for helping these young animals develop positive relationships with people.  Please ask at the shelter in advance to make sure we have puppies or kittens that are old enough for human interaction at the time. 

    • My schedule is unpredictable and I can't guarantee availability. Can I still volunteer?

      Yes! There is always something to do at the shelter! Socializing cats, walking dogs, cleaning, spending time with  timid animals, compassionate companionship and snuggles for our senior dogs, There are also volunteer opportunities at the Cause for Paws Thrift Store which provides the bulk of the shelter's funding to care for the animals at the shelter.