• For most dogs our animal shelter is a short term place to stay for a few days or weeks while they wait to be adopted. But for a handful of our dogs that have been overlooked or need specific home environments their stay at our shelter may stretch into years.  In this gallery are photos of our Underdogs at the Ozark Humane Society. These are dogs that our animal shelter has become a sanctuary for, in that they may take a longer than normal time to find a home for them.  They may have been at the shelter for years waiting to be adopted, or may be so painfully shy that potential adopters at the shelter don't get a chance to interact with them. We have not given up hope and believe they still have a chance at finding a forever home. In the meantime we have granted them life time sanctuary here at our animal shelter. If you are not able to adopt one of our Underdogs, consider becoming a special friend to one of them, stopping by when you can to bring them a toy, treat or take them out for a walk.  Help us spread the word and find these sweeties homes.

  • Meet Our Underdogs(Click on name to go to full profile page for that dog)

  • Dana

    Sweetie Pie

    • Age: 11 years old
    • Weight: 40
    • Breed: Terrier/Shepherd ?
    • Sex: Female
    • Intake: December 4, 2012 
  • Buddy

    Owner passed away

    • Age: 12 Years old 
    • Weight: 50 pounds 
    • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix 
    • Sex: Male 
    • Intake Date: October 2021 
  • Dwayne

    Good Ole Boy!

    • Age: 13 Years Old 
    • Weight: 50 pounds
    • Breed: Terrier Mix 
    • Sex: Male
    • Intake Date:  April 14, 2014
  • Garth

    Feisty Little Guy!

    • Age: 6 Years Old
    • Weight: 20 pounds
    • Breed: Chihuahua 
    • Sex: Male 
    • Intake:  December 31, 2018
  • Cambree

    Twisted Spine, no medical effect

    • Age: 2 years old 
    • Weight: 30 pounds 
    • Breed: mountain cur mix?
    • Sex: Female 
    • Intake: September 2021
  • Zaria

    Extremely Timid

      • Age: 3 Years Old
      • Weight: 40 Pounds
      • Breed: Catahoula mix 
      • Sex: Female 
      • Intake: November 2021