• Dana is our special senior girl. She might be short, but she thinks she rules the roost. Dana is between 10-12 years old. She had a stroke a while back, but she hasn't let it slow her down much. She is still active and enjoys getting out for (short) walks. Dana is a 30-pound terrier mix. She is looking for a retirement home with lots of love, belly rubs and treats. Come meet Dana and make her part of your family!

    From Dana

     I’m a little bit of a chunky monkey, no fat shaming please. But seriously, I’ve been eating my feelings a little while I’ve been waiting at the shelter. I’ve been waiting a long time and have never had a family of my own. I’ve gotten to be a little old lady and am looking for a soft place to sleep and someone to snuggle with in the evenings. Maybe we can couch potato a little together? You can pick the movie. Just come pick me up first. 

    I have very low exercise requirements.  I am not an escape artist as it’s hard for me to jump or get into other kinds of trouble.  I am however, very much into guarding my human companion so I do not like other dogs or cats..but humans, love humans and just want to snuggle with my very own person.




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