•     The Ozark Humane Society was founded in 1970 by a group of caring volunteers and community leaders.  The land for the shelter was purchased and the animal shelter itself was built that same year.  The current shelter is housed in the same structures with maintenance and improvements always an ongoing need. The shelter rescues an average of 280 cats and dogs per year with adoptions averaging approximately 265 animals per year.           


        The Ozark Humane Society also sponsors four low cost spay/neuter clinics per year as part of out reach to educate the community of the urgent need to spay or neuter their dogs and cats.  These clinics provide a low cost alternative for those that are in need of the service to prevent the over population of dogs and cats in the area. OHS also works with the Shirley Meadows Foundation to provide vouchers for those that qualify as below poverty level to have the procedure for their dogs and cats.   The Ozark Humane Society manages this voucher program, with the Shirley Meadows Foundation providing the funds yearly.


        The Cause for Paws Thrift Store provides 98% of the funding to keep the Ozark Humane Society Shelter open and functioning.  Our current Cause for Paws Thrift Store location is 201 E. Crandall Avenue, next door to the Liquidation Outlet Store.  We ask that your donation of gently used clothing, blankets, towels and glassware be brought to our store, as these items provide the majority of the sales to support our shelter.  


        While in need of a new facility, we continue our mission to rescue and provide a temporary home for the abandoned and dumped dogs and cats in the area until a welcoming home can be found for each animal.